The Consultation

The NeuroBusiness Consultation Call


About the Consultation Call

The goal of the call is to give you an awe-inspiring, mind-blowing deep-dive into what is holding you back and give you actionable steps that -with or without me- you can initiate on your own, immediately. 


What the consultation call is NOT

The consultation call is not a magic wand, that will fix all of your problems in one fluid swoop; it is also not a regurgitation of anything you can simply google such as how to create a mailing list funnel, or a great opt-in offer or how to speed up the plug-ins on your site. If you are looking for magic or BS, this isn't the call for you.


Why isn't it free?

The consultation call is not free as "window shoppers" are a dime a dozen and unfortunately, my time is valuable-- and so is yours. I want to work with individuals who respect both of our investment in this experience.

If I offered this service for free, I'd have a line of people, most of whom are not serious, clogging up my clients time, my time and leeching up my energy. If we work together in the future, you will know I'm not spending my time giving out free samples while you wait ... and wait.. and wait.

This is also not a simple "get to know you" call where we chit chat for 20 minutes. It is a consultation to help you fix a problem with a proposed solution and set of strategies.

If after the service, you truly do not feel that the experience is beneficial, I offer a 50% refund, which compensates only for my time  not the service itself. Just let me know within 12 hours of our call, before your notes are sent, and I will refund you. No hard feelings, we can still be connected. 


What to expect

You'll set up a time for us to speak and then have an extensive questionnaire to dive into (that must be completed in order to proceed). This questionnaire alone, is insightful and may bring clarity unto itself! Once you have filled that out, I will begin analyzing you from a distance and from self-report in the questionnaire.  By the time we connect, and I get more intimate with your business struggles and your personal struggles, I will then take meticulous notes and create a plan for you.

You'll get a copy of my notes and plan for you to keep, to implement with or without me. It will not hinge on us working together in the future.


Next Step

If you've read this far, bravo! That means you are in the top 20% already, because you didn't close the window after "why isn't the call free" and saw that in Step 4, there's real work ahead. If you wish to proceed, schedule your consultation, which comes with a lengthy questionnaire, the one hour session, a follow up email and my case notes, then sign up here, now.