If you are like many of our clients, you may have physical struggles like Fibromyalgia or other auto-immune disorders or, at “best”, you might be highly stressed.

You might look in the mirror and feel that you just look stressed as if you can reach out and touch the stress on your face.

You might feel that you are (over)aging before your eyes… and the truth is, you just might be, and here is why and what you can do about it.


Your body is filled with “T-Cells” which are lymphocytes (white blood cells) produced and processed by the thymus gland (a gland that pretty much stops being active after your teen years but does continue to start a little dance that stimulates the body to produce those T-cells), which is very important; because this is part of the immune system response. When things go crazy, that’s when autoimmune system issues surface.

But.. check this out.

T-cells are like your silent, brawny superpower.

Millions of them swimming around, hunting down cells that are germy or, are cancerous. There’s also “helper” T-cells, and they all help prevent and address immunity.

So, think of T-cells as bouncers, escorting the trouble-making lowlifes out of your body. 

Also, T-cells are influenced by outside influences as well, not only what’s happening in your cells and the squatter germs that they might be housing.

Some of these outside influences might include past abuse, emotional pain, that time you were embarrassed in front of a crowd, trauma, a creepy boss, a boundary crossing neighbor, too much time in the sun, overdoing exercise – you get the idea.. pretty much any stress that you are not able to manage with ease.

Like any brawl, it can get ugly …quick. 

Your T-cells, although biologically well-meaning, can start to cause you to have increased protein and DNA damage that often results in the look of premature aging. 

There’s something called ROS, which is reactive oxygen species that is a totally normal and important part of metabolism, but when your body is under stress, ROS is like a frantic friend who doesn’t know how to help you. So it starts doing everything.


ROS goes crazy trying to fight whatever might be there, and your T-cells are now freaking out and then it’s just a mess.

This is where you now in total imbalance. When this happens, from physical or emotional stress, you can start to have tired, weaker skin. Over time, this can turn into a chronic condition.

This is how Gold Reishi was born; I wanted to create something that topically, would address the outer dermal layer and help the T-cell modulation, that was natural and beneficial.

Tips you can start right now, to help T-Cell modulation

1. Lots of green, leafy vegetables 

2. Drop the processed drinks and foods

3. Cut sugar. Cut junk. If you are trying to make up reasons why you need sugar or junk, go grab the Naked Truth program eGuide (it’s free)

4. Hydrate. This helps your body and mood, lowers stress, and helps flush toxins out.

5. Increase mushroom consumption, including Reishi Mushrooms

6. Grab the Gold Reishi mask and bath soak, and give yourself some wellness-focused love.

Comment below to let me know what you are struggling with as this will help me develop formulas for you or if you’ve had some of the stressors that I’ve mentioned.

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