The Naked Truth | Body Positive and Emotional Eating Weight Loss Program


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Important: As soon as you purchase, you'll be taken to an immediate download and you will need this to begin the program.

The program begins in September. The next program will be January.

You feel fat, frumpy and out of control.

You don't feel happy in your skin.

Diets come and go, there's always a new probiotic, prebiotic, lifestyle drink, radical rules and policy-based eating or exercise, supplement and/or magic potion to "cure what ails ya". 

But does it ever? 


Some of you might be saying "well, it helped me so much in the past"... case point. 

Binging, being addicted to the "next magical potion" , yo-yo dieting, and out of control body shame, are norms not exceptions, in our society.

True health, truly breaking free from emotional eating and orthrexia (the addiction or obsession to "health kicks"), takes a systematic, supportive and  emotionally raw approach. This is what I've developed for you, now and what has worked with my 1:1 clients for over almost 30 years.

You can't continue to eat your way to happiness, look in the mirror and hate yourself, binge, or hold onto what no longer serves you purpose.

Welcome to the neuroscience of letting that shit go.

This is a Hybrid Live & Distance (4) week program

Coached dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) as a foundation which means, it utilizes behavior change, mindfulness, willpower and resiliency support and, hypnotherapy and art.

  • (2) Videos Per Week
  • Weekly Affirmation Printout
  • Living Zoom meeting every Wednesday
  • Weekly Creative Experience
  • Weekly Meditation/Hypnotherapy 
  • Weekly Online Dance Party (get moving & have fun)
  • Weekly Lifestyle Printout
  • Weekly Schlep with a Shrink© Walk & Talk program
  • "Office Hours"  M-F Weekly
  • Alumni group(Free) for ongoing support

You have to be totally ok with:

  • A direct approach and some colorful language.
  • No coddling but-- lots of love toward you..maybe more than you've felt in a while.
  • Accepting support and allowing yourself to mourn the pain releasing
  • Feeling attractive and willing to celebrate your gifts
  • Switching mindset and feeling free
  • Trusting yourself and being empowered

BASIC RULES: read before purchase

  • We do not support the advertisement or mentions of supplements, lifestyle drinks or programs. 
  • We will not tolerate using the group for direct or indirect sales.
  • We are certainly not going to tolerate anything but kindness.
  • Everyone who signs up, is my client. My clients must be respected. If you as a client, can't respect others, then you'll be removed.




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