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The Fierce Fix

A book & workbook in one.

Females who suffer from anxiety, post trauma, complex trauma, stress or have survived any trauma, might not realize that they forgot the "first trauma" which was the disingenuous accepting of their natural life cycles.

How women (and men) view female life transitions, can and does, project onto how women and men, feel about their own life experiences.

This translates into how women feel about their bodies, faces and alters how they navigate their lives.

There are said to be over 2,000 slang terms, for female menses and many more slang terms for female transitions, identities and body parts. How could we ever turn around and ask a society to suddenly accept and help a woman past stress or anxiety, if she feels inherently "wrong"?

This is not a book that is "anti-male", in fact, this is pro-humanity, with the idea that humanity should be steeped in respect, forgiving, love and creative energy exploration for self-healing.

While I hope to inspire and bring inquiry and solutions, this is just an opening for discussion. The connection for anxiety, stress, self-loathing, body image struggles, relationship challenges, health and wellness blocks and general lack of vitality, might all be traced back to the idea that females are essentially born in shame. Maybe a woman's family was positive about being female, but that can't negate the strength of the collective society that says differently. In fact, some of the "positive" I found in my research, were that women were deemed strong if they carried the responsibility of others, while still struggling with her sense of self, beauty, health and lived in a veil of disgrace.

This book contains a shrinking of history, research, feedback and opportunities to explore as well as links to meditations, art and poetry as well as interactive experiences.

It is a homage to my mother, which you will "meet" in the early pages of the book, to saturate yourself with the understanding of why her story created this mission, to help women get happy in the skin they are in- free from shame.

You are of value, you are worthy and you should be unapologetically free from feeling shame for being you.

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