SUHA |Recovery Ayurvedic Mist


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"SUHA" is sanskrit for "amazing" and name of a star. The galaxy that is you, is filled with potential and renewable energy. Your inner light shines.

Feeling defeated? 

This purse size mist is an Ayurvedic blend of rose, lemon, orange and peach kernel as key ingredients, to give you the most refreshed feeling.

An earthy pleasure to combat hot flashes, anxiety, stress and to give yourself a spritz of rejuvenation at any time.

Ayurvedic Healing

Rose: The heart opens wide to love with rose. If you are in anxiety or hot flashes, you are in a state of pitta, this governs the heart. Rose helps us to nourish our mind and emotions, and helps us digest our struggles easily.

Lemon: Relieves a feeling of heaviness and sluggishness. Brings clarity and a sense of empowerment. Reduces feelings of insecurity.

Orange: Reduces fatigue, reduces anxious heat but increases calm comfort.

Peach: Highly medicinal in Ayurveda, the kernal is said to reduce physical and emotional inflammation. 


How to Use:

One spritz to the hollow of the neck or, face, is all you need to bring refreshment.

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