BELLEZA Luxury Scrub


  • BELLEZA Luxury Scrub
  • BELLEZA Luxury Scrub
  • BELLEZA Luxury Scrub

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Belleza (pronounced *Portugeuse*,  "Bil-leh-zah") means "being beautiful" and was a loving name my mother used for those she cared deeply for. Thus, I give you this love as well, you are all my "Belleza's"

The most decadent, most luxurious scrub that you'll ever experience.

You will notice softer skin and skin that appears to heal before your eyes.

Erase signs of stress and environmental wear, as the oils all work their magic in their individual ways. 

Formulated with coconut sugar, sweet almond oil, algae oil, peach kernel oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, tangerine oil, sweet orange oil and lemon oil and salt, a little goes a long way. Botanical delights through expressed, powerfully healing organic oils....

Take a pinch - a pinch is all you will need, and work with your fingertips on your face and neck. 

You may use this most nourishing scrub on your entire body.

You may leave on (without patting off), or gently pat or rinse.



Glass/Aluminum recyclable packaging for eco-footprint


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