12-Step | Anxiety, Body Image & Self-Love Program


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If you are familiar with the jaw-clenching, camera and mirror-avoiding self-loathing, diet-juggling life, then you are a wonderful candidate for the 12-Step Body Image & Self-Love Program.

In the program you'll learn to recognize the situations that brought us to where we are, how to provide self-transformation and create the energy and motivation for that change.

Those situations might have been trauma, abuse, assault, neglect or betrayal. It could have been simply feeling "not enough". It really doesn't matter where it came from, I want you to feel better from this moment forward.

This is a 12-week program, with workbook, at a pace of one step per week. 

Each step includes:

An Audio & a Workbook Prompt, and a Certificate of Completion, to remind yourself that you are valued, priority and worth loving.

You also have lifetime access to our online group, for support and feedback. 

I think it is important to print the book out; perhaps put it on a USB and have Staples or another office style store, print it out and place it a folder or small binder. 

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