The Unwind Challenge


A Five-Day Challenge to help you master anxiety, stress and time-overwhelm while increasing focus and a sense of clarity.

Prizes given monthly to those who participate socially and complete the tasks.



Most of my clients have a business, are in high-stress, often high-profile careers, or are juggling family obligations. Almost all are battling stress responses, anxiety and bouts of depression from overwhelm and past trauma.

This is not a “light” challenge, though it will be fun!

While short, you have the option to continue. Five days and strategies to counter time-pathologies that add to your stress, to help bolster your resilience which may then increase your overall quality of life, with practice. This challenge is a great starting point and we are here to support you.

Prizes range from skincare and our logo necklace and logo pendant to sessions and discounts, if you participate in the social aspect so that we can follow and support you.


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