Welcome to PĀIVÃ Skincare's Journal Invited Expert & Writer Guidelines

Please send (Email) your article with the following information:


We encourage submissions and we also encourage following us on Facebook @paiva and Instagram @paivaskincare 

Please tag us on Instagram or Facebook if your article is published and you share it; and encourage others to share. 

We will need from each writer or expert

Name, Email, Telephone Number, Address (for our records, never shared)

Pitch story (short synopsis) and a Bio. 

We are especially interested in doctors, licensed mental health workers and experienced life & business coaches.

Style Guidelines and LegalTONE of articles/blogs:Paiva Skincare Journal:Serious but conversationalWellness, Health, MedicalClever is fine (not silly, clownish or sarcastic)Focused on femalesExpert positioned but not promotional, rather, it should be educationalUnique & creative but not weirdIntuitive/Esoteric, but we don't ride unicorns. 

If you are an expert, your website may be in your bio. 

No additional links throughout the blog or bio. 

 We reserve the right to edit, for flow, consistently and to keep in alignment with tone, however, for most people this will be minor or nonexistent. 

 LegalYou own the copyright or ownership to your content and, your photos.~*~*~*~Recording: It is illegal to record anyone, audio or video, even if using recording as transcript, without permission. 

We do not pay guest contributors and authors retain copyright, though Michele Paiva/Balletsa Inc/ reserves the right to reprint, repurpose and include in marketing and products. 

Opinion pieces are welcomed if they have global appeal. 

 Polls/Studies: Disclose how many people you polled, what methodology you used. 

 If you use "many people....", include what you are basing this upon. Your work? What you overhear? Don't generalize. You may write something like "Many people that I've spoken to", which brings it back to you. 

Attribute quotes.Never use more than 9 words in a row, that are not yours, without a quote. 

 Plagiarism is not acceptable. 

 No allegations or anyone, pseudonyms of authors or compensating sources. 

Activism: For many topics, there are not two sides (women's rights, civil rights, children's safety) but for some topics, there are two sides (or more) such as religion, politics, etc. If it is a grey area, no activism but you may write an opinion piece. 

If it is one sided activism, please create an article.*No political bashing.*No male bashing. 

 Never use a long word when a short one will do. It's sesquipedalian (long-winded) and obnoxious. :) 

No Jargon. It is non-contemplative and neurologically reductionist. :) see how I did that :)