The Skin, Soul & Psyche Association

The mission of the Skin, Soul & Psyche Association is to 

alleviate body image suffering and promote self-love, 

by integrating science with mindful practices and ancient traditions.

Skin, Soul & Psyche is an interdisciplinary vision that emerged in the winter of 2018, with the understanding that there was an obvious gap in psychotherapy, contemplative practices and scientific innovation. This association was formed to bridge the divide and create an ongoing dialogue for professionals in the psychology, spirituality, coaching, medicine, science, researchers and authors. 

The purpose of Skin, Soul & Psyche is to gather professionals for think tank experiences and to deliver innovation and information to the public, as a group and individually, on the topics of body image, self-love, self-compassion, wellness, trauma and spiritual behavior. In it's infancy, we are designing programming and educational opportunities that will be free for the global community.

The nexus of science and spirituality


The obvious meaning, of bodily skin, and also the acronym for seva, karuna, insight and nau.

The sanskrit terms translate as:

Seva means to be of service to others.

Karuna, meaning to have compassion.

Insight, equates to wisdom.

Nau, is defined as "us".


Soul, can be defined spiritually or passionate living. To bring a spiritual or passionate space to the science behind the struggles, brings an added layer of depth, nurturing and compassion - thus, self-healing.


Doctor or coach, therapist or energy healer, the client or patient is entrusting us with their innermost feelings. The mind, conscious or subconscious, drives behaviors, thoughts, energy and mood. 

If you are a professional interested in joining us, please send your bio, cover letter, website or URL of pertinent online footprint, and ways in which you feel you would both benefit fro, and offer, the association.  
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