The Nest TEEN is for preteens and teens, ages 12-17, who are struggling with stress.

She is Not Alone

Online Therapeutic Coaching for Preteen and Teens

Is your teen:

  • Depressed, feeling hopeless, or isolating?
  • Suffering in school, has ADHD, gifted but frustrated
  • Struggling but feeling misunderstood?
  • Anxious, overwhelmed or has frequent "ailments"?
  • Seems to have social anxiety?
  • Self-Harming, experiencing intense moods?
  • Has experienced bullying, family stress or grief ?
  • Is dieting, binging, refusing to eat or is otherwise insecure?
  • Struggling in her relationship with you?

I serve as a bridge between parents and teens, helping girls to feel better about themselves, overcome struggles and experience confidence and healthy choices, through therapeutic coaching.

How Online Therapeutic Coaching Differs from Coaching or In-Session Therapy

Coaching is positive but is geared toward the individual who wants to be inspired. While some coaches (wrongly) state that coaching is about the future and therapy is about problems, this is inherently and dangerously wrong. Coaches are not bound by regulations and do not need to be credentialed, while therapists are. This is a major difference between coaching vs therapeutic coaching.

In-Session therapy, while very positive, sometimes can bring rushing, stressed parents and traffic, higher costs and thus, higher drop out, leaving the child stressed, sometimes more so. The in-session experience can also feel intimidating or isolating for a preteen or teenager, and group programs in local therapy offices often bring same-age peers from the same schools, creating sometimes, embarrassment and humiliation.

Therapeutic coaching to me, is the best of both worlds. We eliminate the limits of coaching, while retaining the strategies of therapy, under the heading of therapeutic coaching. 

We eliminate the traffic, rushing and schedule of therapy sessions, as well as the rising medical costs associated, and reduce the saturation of same-town peers showing up in the same groups.

It offers inspiration, strategies and coping skills, all within the comfort of the home. 

What to Expect

  • Weekly interactive Zoom Meetings, each week at a scheduled unique time, to accommodate most time zones.
  • NO social networking component to discourage potential boundary crossing interactions
  • Online HIPAA (Confidentiality) chat, journal, intake and worksheets
  • 24/7 access to Journal and email, and group chat on HIPAA 3rd party program
  • Fee of $37 includes up to four interactive sessions and access to HIPAA confidentiality program.

Teens will also experience:
  • Monthly themed meditations
  • Monthly themes 


  • Monthly Movie Discussion 
  • Monthly Art or Poetry Therapeutic Project

Teens will learn:
  • Coping Strategies
  • Self-Expression
  • Healthy Body Image 
  • Interpersonal Relationship Boundaries and Health
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence Strategies

While experiencing a feeling of community and support

Once you order, please be alerted to the email that will arrive within 24- 48 hours, to begin the onboarding process. 

IMPORTANT: Parents are asked to allow autonomy so that teens feel open to interact and share. 

Preteens or teens who exhibit opposition, are a discipline problem or are in any way boundary crossing, inappropriate, rude or lacking respect, will be immediately removed from all group activities (Zoom, Group Chat). There is no refund but you may cancel at any time.

Teens expressing self harm or the harm of others, will be alerted to their parents or caregiver, and it is legally the responsibility of those alerted to get the teen to a hospital or clinic.

Teens will need:

Paper, sketch and water color paper, colored pencils, crayons and water colors. Access to an old magazine or glue stick, is also requested.

These are all usually available at economy stores or craft stores.