Forgive the Past with a Past Life Regression

Experience Release and Relief

A scientifically proven, safe

 and effective path to healing

 Imagine Finding Answers to your Struggles

Consider Unearthing Untapped Potential

Dive into a Deeper Capacity to Love


FEBRUARY 23 7pm Eastern


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Does this go against my spiritual or religious system?

Only if your religion or spiritual practice requires that you hold on to hurt, anger, resentment and pain. This form of PLR if purely therapeutic and focused on releasing emotions that hold you back from living life more fully. In fact, this would only enhance your ability to dive more deeply into your spiritual or religious practice.

Can Anyone Experience a Past Life Regression?

For the sake of this experience, I request that only those over 18, as this is a therapeutic tool, participate in this workshop, which may have sensitive or adult content in the discussion segment. In general, anyone can benefit from a past life regression, as it takes the participant on a creative, subconscious journey of problem solving and release. There is no need to have a belief or skill in the process, as this is just your own mind we are working with. If you believe that you exist and that you have the capacity to think, that's all we need.

Will I Recall Something Scary?

I have conducted these workshops and sessions for many years, as a therapeutic tool, and never has anyone had an unpleasant experience. Not only does your own mind want to protect you, but I guide you in a way that supports safety, nurturing and warmth. Nothing "scary" will surface for you.

When is it? What if I can't attend?

February 23rd, 7pm Eastern. You will be receiving a copy of workshop, delivered to your inbox, in the case that you don't make the live event. 

The answers to our questions are always within ourselves. We heal from trauma because of our own insight and empowerment. If we fall and cut our knee, we might be supported by a physician, but it is our own immune system and glorious body that actually does the healing.

Believing in past lives is a personal choice, and I am not going to state one way or another, my thoughts on a belief. However, what is known as past life regressions, is scientifically supported to provide a cathartic avenue in which we trigger parts of our consciousness, to help us to self-heal.


A short discussion
A 60 minute Past Life Regression focused upon forgiving unconscious hurt or anger
...and a discussion after with Q & A.
And, a copy of the meditation sent to 
you via email to listen over and over again.

You'll leave the online workshop 
feeling a sense of release and, relief. 

Why Add Forgiving?

Forgiving is a practice that is often overlooked or ritualized only. Yet, it is one practice that can help individuals to release emotional, physical and metaphysical blocks, and it can cultivate a feeling of incredible peace, almost instantly. 

The American Psychological Association says that forgiving can improve mental and physical health, while the respected John Hopkins Medicine, says that your life depends upon it. Medical and scholarly communities on every continent, recognize the importance of forgiving.

Past Life Regression is a form of Hypnotherapy, the oldest form of psychotherapy, which has been proven to be medically effective, in helping individuals feel that they are able to regain control over their lives, sometimes for the first time. 

Stanford University has found specific areas of the brain that were active and experiencing more connectivity, during states such as past life regression. Harvard has stated, numerous times, that these types of therapy have proven highly successful.

Together, this is a much more powerful combination of self-healing



FEBRUARY 23rd 7pm Eastern