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Essay (Optional)

Module 2

We will write a short essay about and to, our stress. You may include it here or you may do it on your own. The lesson has more details. This is very healing and a foundation of healing by communicating inner thoughts that rise upward.

Module Structure

Healing Writing Prompt

In the space provided, write to your stress.

It can be just a paragraph or an essay, even a poem - but base it upon the responses that you just read about.


Dear Stress,

You have been speaking to me in the form of high blood pressure, insomnia and feeling depressed. I would like for us to manage stress better, so I would like you to start reminding me to take three deep breaths or, take a nice gentle walk.


Dear Stress,

When I was little, I used to hide and eat to stop the sound of my parents fighting. As an adult, I have battled with weight all of my life. I feel anxious and I sleep all of the time; I feel lazy. I'm not. I'm a scared child inside. I am sick of picking the wrong partners in my love life who argue just like my parents did. From now on, I'm not going to always "eat" my feelings so, I'm going to start taking courses and meditating and you'll just have to get used to it - signed, empowered.


underneath the stress

a wild bird flutters freedom

i commit to peace


... now your turn-- get creative.


I'm proud of you for going through this course. It was hopefully, peacefully illuminating. Meaning, you learned more about yourself but also you accepted that you are more in control of your stress than you thought. It's a short course and just a beginning...

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