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You know how to discuss topics on Facebook and you know how to post photos on Instagram; you’ve googled enough to know the best times a day the “experts” tell you to post. However, liken this to a dentist. You know how to brush your teeth, you know how to floss. You know the schedule you should brush; that doesn’t make you a dentist. So, posting online doesn’t make you a savvy social media marketer.

NeuroSocial© Media is very different than Social Media. I’m giving you insights to the customer behavior and acquisition that drives emotion and conversions.

This course is designed to help two people:

  1. The business owner who wishes to DIY their social media
  2. The individual who wishes to become a social media manager

To Know:

This course includes Capstone projects which are needed to obtain the certificate of completion.

This program takes 12 weeks to complete.

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