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NeuroSocial Media Manager Certificate

You know how to discuss topics on Facebook and you know how to post photos on Instagram; you’ve googled enough to know the best times a day the “experts” tell you to post. However, liken this to a dentist. You know how to brush your teeth, you know how to floss. You know the schedule you should brush; that doesn’t make you a dentist. So, posting online doesn’t make you a savvy social media marketer.

NeuroSocial© Media is very different than Social Media. I’m giving you insights to the customer behavior and acquisition that drives emotion and conversions.

This course is designed to help two people:

  1. The business owner who wishes to DIY their social media
  2. The individual who wishes to become a social media manager

To Know:

This course includes Capstone projects which are needed to obtain the certificate of completion.

This program takes 12 weeks to complete.

What is Your Stress Block?

Certificate of Completion at the end of the course

+ Earn 10 Award Points to use for future perks

This short course contains less than brief 20 modules and while rich in content, some individuals might breeze through this in a few hours, though you have up to 30 days to complete and earn your certificate and points.

The most common reactive responses are outlined here. You probably have experienced these many times in your own life, but a few of them are going to jump out at you because they will be quite familiar to you.

I’ve actually experienced conversations where the individual did not realize that their response was even a stress response, it was so frequent to them; they thought it was just the “way it was”.

Once you learn your stress responses, you learn how they can block you. This is just an overview, but it will give you a springboard and some food for thought. As you immerse yourself in understanding yourself, I’ll give you some tips on how to connect with leads and prospects that might be also experiencing these responses.


  • Become familiar with some of the most common stress responses that block clarity
  • Understand that the stress responses can alter how you view business as well as your personal relationships, including the relationship with yourself.
  • Have a starting point to manage your stress responses and potential self-sabotaging behaviors
  • From prompts, develop a deeper understanding of management of stress and inspiration for problem solving in the future.
  • You’ll have ideas on how to connect to your leads and prospects
  • After assignment, earn the certificate of completion.