Brun Magique/Skin Balancing Fruit Extract Bronzer/Makeup that IS skincare.

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  • Brun Magique/Skin Balancing Fruit Extract Bronzer/Makeup that IS skincare.
  • Brun Magique/Skin Balancing Fruit Extract Bronzer/Makeup that IS skincare.
  • Brun Magique/Skin Balancing Fruit Extract Bronzer/Makeup that IS skincare.

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Brun Magique (brown magic bronzer)

Key Points

  • Fruit Extract Based
  • Good for your Skin
  • Gorgeous
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • The first fruit extract cosmetic that doubles as skincare.
  • Imparts a natural sheen
  • Should be worn by itself but can be worn over any makeup as well.
  • Gluten-Free
  • Can use under, over or instead of other makeup


I've been hearing women (including myself) complain about breakouts after enjoying warm days or a workout, because their makeup, regardless of how expensive it was, was leaving them essentially being punished for enjoying life.

Not just "won't harm your skin" but GOOD for your skin.

I've created an organic fruit-extract cosmetic that includes two minerals, Zinc and Mica, and offer you this no-acne-zone, no punishment-zone. 

Why this is amazing.

I called this "Magique" because well, it's almost like magic.

It's more expensive to create, but it is worth it. The fruit-extracts, like:

Mangosteen: Mangosteen captures free radicals. As you wear your bronzer, you will be blessing your skin with a more natural, vibrant glow.

Strawberry: Strawberry deposits Vitamin C, to boost the skin's immune response and, helps to brighten the skin by being a most gentle exfoliator. This is especially good for stimulating the skin around a blemish to counter-act and, offer fading as it exfoliates and lightens the damaged skin.

Papaya: Provides moisture, reduces wrinkles, reduces under-eye circles, is known for treating eczema and psoriasis, and helps to control breakouts.

Cocoa: Repairs skin cells, reverses and prevents some sun damage, exfoliates dead cells, and creates a gentle stimulation to increase natural glow.

Also: Arrowroot, a natural moisturizer while combating overly oily skin. Great for all skin types. Coconut Milk Powder, a powerful anti-inflammatory for the skin as well as being rich in nutrients including Vitamin C and Magnesium. Oat Powder, helps undo damage from the sun, helps soothe the skin, addresses many skin conditions and reduces skin reactions.

Zinc protects the skin from Ultra Violet rays that can prematurely age and damage the skin, as well as help to ward off acne breakouts and is often a key ingredient in medicines to treat the skin. Mica helps impart a beautiful sheen, naturally. Zinc and Mica are not stated as organic as the government does not certify minerals.

Jar Perks!

While many jars have a sifter, ours opens and closes so you won't find spilled and wasted formula in your bathroom sink or have to blow half of your investment off of your blush brush.  You can also monitor how much formula you wish to use, by opening 25% up to 100%. 

Your purchase includes one jar and dose-of-choice sifter.

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