Clean Slate {Charcoal Fusion, Face, Teeth & Gum Refresh}

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  • Clean Slate {Charcoal Fusion, Face, Teeth & Gum Refresh}
  • Clean Slate {Charcoal Fusion, Face, Teeth & Gum Refresh}
  • Clean Slate {Charcoal Fusion, Face, Teeth & Gum Refresh}

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Deep clean and neutralize face, condition lips, draw bacteria from gums and lift stains from teeth - this small batch product overworks so that you don't have to. It's powerful, but gentle, organic and-- a little goes a long way. 

One of our friends, Val, named this product and she nailed it - Clean Slate is all about starting fresh, and facing a new day. 

Let the adhesive quality of activated charcoal cling to your pores, teeth, and gums to remove unwanted stains and bacteria. In fact, activated charcoal is so porous that it has been used for hundreds of years from ancient societies to modern emergency rooms, to treat poisoning, but soaking up the toxins.

However, that's not all. 

Apple pectin also helps cell renewal and is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It can fight free radical damage and restore collagen cells.

Basil powder benefits are powerful; basil is known to lift blackheads out of the skin easily and, helps remove toxins from the skin and body - including mouth -  while giving a naturally cleansing taste and helps neutralize breath.

Rosemary powder offers stimulation as well as adding antiseptic properties.

A pinch of clay is in each product, helping you to further draw out toxins. 

These ingredients help clean the skin, gums, and teeth, all while bringing a fresh, stimulating experience. 


Our Charcoal is certified gluten-free, coconut derived, which is a fast-growing and resistant to mold, as well as not traditionally home to bugs, birds or squirrels. It also is very sustainable and eco-friendly to use.

Watch out for cheap oak charcoals, used by many of the mass-produced network companies. Many people have oak allergies and oak tends to be older and hold mold and critters. It also contributes to the unsustainable industry of cutting trees and deforestation.

Our charcoal is:

  • Certified Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Harvested in Sri Lanka.

Cheap Brand Warnings: There are cheaper brands out there with chemicals, fillers, and oils. You do NOT want any of these in your powder or paste as the charcoal will stick to them, not your stains. The powder ingredients we added, are neutralizing and detoxing as well, so you get more benefits, not canceling out benefits!

  • Teeth/Gums: Put a pinch of Clean Slate powder in the palm. Dip a wet toothbrush in the palm, tapping into the powder. Then, brush teeth as normal, making sure to get to the gum line. Add water to the toothbrush to encourage additional distribution and then rinse and spit, a few times. 
  • Lips: Put a pinch of Clean Slate powder in the palm and dip a wet finger into the powder. Then, scrub lips with that powdered finger and let powder dry on lips. With a wet washcloth (we suggest a darker, designated washcloth - we send you one) wipe the powder off of lips. Lips are often immediately noticeably smoother.
  • Face Mask: Put a few pinches of powder in your left palm and then wet right fingers. create a bit of a paste. Smooth onto the skin of the face. Let dry, and with a warm, wet washcloth, wipe off the mask. You can then use Aloe Gorgeous to wash face, after this mask.

Tip: Use the face mask and also place Clean Slate on lips. With remaining powder, brush teeth and gums.

Suggested Use: No more than once a week. If you have sensitive teeth or gums, no more than once a month or at your discretion. 


When purchased alone, this formula is shipped in a white bubble wrap envelope; be on the lookout! 

If you have crowns, veneers, or caps that are porcelain, the charcoal can stain them, so use with conservatively on teeth.

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