12 Step| Narcissist Recovery Program

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A narcissist thrives on your energy and makes you feel unwell, insecure and weary.

This is a 12 step program distributed over 12 days, as an introductory primer, meant to help inspire you to extract yourself from the results of coping with a self-centered parent, partner or friend.

Does this sound like you?

  • You were with a narcissist, and now other relationships feel dull. You miss the intensity of the narcissist. 
  • You had a narcissist, neglectful, workaholic or self-absorbed parent and now you notice you are either taking care of your romantic partners or, they are trying to improve you. 
  • You feel energetically filled or drained, depending upon the narcissist push or pull.
  • You know you are with a narcissist, and you can't seem to emotionally break it off or, you did break it off and you think about them all of the time.

What this does to your SKIN:

If you live in a space of feeling unloved, abused, in fear, with no security or betrayed, your stress levels will be organically higher, and your hormones will be less stable, usually. You will probably be developing more and more coping strategies that might not serve you (a bit too much wine, a few too many bites of food that does not serve you purpose, skin picking, scratching, etc). 

Many of my clients who are dealing with self-centered people, complain about wrinkles, sagging skin and feeling like they look old. What this is, often, is simply the look of stress. 

Addressing core issues can help you to feel and, look better. You'll feel better about yourself as you become more empowered, and your face will show it.


If even one of these sounds like you, this FREE program is for you.

You will learn to:

  • undertand what they look for
  • how they seem "perfect" early on
  • break the cord from your own energy and the narcissist
  • communicate to diffuse and distract the narcissist
  • starve them of your emotional energy
  • release their hold on your mind
  • take away their power over you
  • not be vulnerable to another narcissist attack
  • how to handle a "mild" narcissist that you do not intend on leaving but yet, need to create a more functional life.

This is a free program to help you regain your self-esteem and empowerment, and, find the love you deserve. 

It is delivered to your email over the course of 12 days; so please use an email that will give you privacy.

A program like this usually runs at least $97, and it is yours free. Break free from the results of dealing with a narcissist. 

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