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6 Top Skin Struggles that Women Over 35 Experience

6 Top Skin Struggles that Women Over 35 Experience

by Loving Staff

December 27, 2017

Your skin is the largest organ, and it is the protector of the other organs and, the entire body from scalp to soles. From the heart to the liver, and everything above, below and in between, must remain at about 98.6 degrees, and isn't "environment" friendly. 

The skin however, is created to withstand a much more diverse fluctuation of temperature and can withstand rain, cold breezes, dry air, and a variety of environments. 

Just when you thought you had your younger skin ailments figured out, you started to reach your mid-30s or 40's, and more changes started to transform before your very eyes.

You are not alone in having skin struggles.

The top six struggles that women over 35 have, that I have seen in my therapy office and women have experienced struggle because of the skin conditions or their emotions fueled the conditions, are as follows (in order of prevalence in my practice).

1. Acne

2. Wrinkles

3. Hives

4. Eczema

5. Herpes

6. Psoriasis

What do all of these have in common? They can be results of stress, and stress is proven to be positively addressed with psychodermatology. 

What are some tips that you can apply immediately to create nourish your skin, both topically and emotionally?

First and foremost, nothing harsh. 

Your skin does not need tough love, or harsh chemicals. 

Watch "greenwash" companies that tout natural skincare but, fail to have appropriate certifications. For instance, being a "B-Corporation" while commendable, does not mean that products are natural, vegan, or gluten free. Having one or two items that are natural or high quality does not mean that all of the products are. You'll want high quality formulas, not just mass produced products made for the ease of high quantity, not high quality.

That being said, here are three steps to take regardless of the above struggles, and if they have no known environmental source.

1. Begin stress reduction strategies. This might mean eliminating a trigger or, reducing your response to triggers that you can't remove.

2. Discover when you started with the symptoms then, go back a few months or even year. What was happening in your life?

3. Use gentle but effective systems. I highly recommend the Aloe, Gorgeous cleanser and mask combination for most people who are struggling with their skin and feeling some fear around products. While all of our products are very safe and effective, Aloe, Gorgeous will help you to gain confidence as you see improvement and, begin to enjoy how you look again.

In the next blog, I'll discuss how these six hot spots have come to be, for you. This will help you address self-help for your skin, more quickly.




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