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5 Turn-Ons for Men over 35

While men are visual (so are women!), men that I've worked with care less about perfection and more about substance.
5 Turn-Ons for Men over 35

by Loving Staff

April 05, 2018

Men in their twenties and early thirties, traditionally are looking for a bit of a different focus than men in their later thirties and into their forties and fifties. 

If you think about it, women are very similar. We tend to be attracted to men who "stand out" like the "jock", the "bad boy" or the "sensitive musician". Once the biological clock starts to tick or we have already had relationships that have not worked out, we are searching for the wallflowers who are stable, intelligent and confident- without the "image" focus.

Men are similar, but what men find attractive in their more mature years may surprise you. 

1. They prefer a more elegant lingerie look rather than the "porn look". They prefer something softer and like to see their partner more comfortable and casual rather than "dressed in contortions". 

2. Confidence is key. While in their younger years, they might have actually been attracted to the victim-sex-kitten persona, men are now looking for "women" not little girlish types, who need rescuing. They are turned on by a woman who knows what she wants, speaks her mind and can hold her own.

3. A woman who takes care of herself. This is not to be confused with a woman who pampers herself. While pampering is fine, they prefer a women who eats healthy, likes to keep on top of her wellness and cares about how she looks. This is different than someone who is a slave to the nail salon and overspends on clothes in an effort to fill a void. Self-love is very different than insecure self-sabotage.

4. A woman with a sense of humor who is not sarcastic. Men like a sense of humor but they are not fans of women (or anyone) who is constantly berating others or themselves. I personally always state that sarcasm is anger laced as a smile, and many people are actually turned off of that habit. Men who want peace and happiness, tend to shy from serious relationships with sarcastic women.

5. Women who are comfortable sexually and with their bodies, are a big turn on for men. Now, in their twenties, men might define "women comfortable with their sexuality" as women who will do just about anything that they ask. In the later thirties and onward, the comfort of sexuality is more about a women knowing what she likes (and does not) and having boundaries. 

While men are visual (so are women!), men that I've worked with care less about perfection and more about substance.

They would rather a woman with imperfections love who she is, than a woman who is always working on perfection and behaving self-loathing and stressed. The men I've worked with really put emphasis on boundaries (though they might not use that terminology). They have said things like "I like when a woman shows interest but isn't clingy, or makes me feel like she is tracking me".

They also prefer women who care about their own space. If they feel that the answer is always "yes", they worry that the woman has no identity, boundaries or standards. 

In a nutshell, men over 35 prefer women who are about substance, living life fully and being comfortable in their own skin.


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