Are you boring your audience like a bad date?

You don’t want to see this staring back at you.

It’s not just a boring presentation or a lackluster presentation.

It’s a vibe. It’s a domino of “what the heck” if you allow boredom to become a common space in your business.

Let me explain. We already know that many up and coming celebrities love shock value. We know that there is money upon money and creativity upon creativity funneled into football games and playoffs.


To keep people engaged. We get that. But WHY? Is it really just about entertaining them? Keeping your brand on their frontal lobe?

Here’s what happens when your leads, prospects or consumers get bored; then you will understand more why it’s important to keep them engaged.

Imagine you are in a meeting, a really boring meeting, in a room that is stuffy. No windows to even look out of. Horrible flickering cheap fluorescent lighting. A lackluster speaker who is bitter and not interested in you any more than you, him.

Your brain is like “This isn’t helping our survival, at all. Let’s think about collecting berries.

You’ve got to stay very controlled to not yawn, to not daydream, to not just fake illness and crawl out the door.

You’ve got to make yourself “busy” by creating activity. Maybe you find yourself doodling, or take more notes than usual, or taking less notes but caressing your pen. Your brain is feeling sllllloooowwww so you need to counter it by creating “fast”.. you might crave sugar, a coffee, find yourself needing to go to the “bathroom” just to get up and walk.

You also need to be filled with the willpower of a thousand warriors, to just sit there and be awake, focused and glean whatever you can. You might even start to feel bitter.

“What am I doing here anyway? I don’t need this. I could be surfing/doing yoga, knitting my hermit crab a sweater/learning opera (you get the idea) instead of THIS”.

As a sidebar, ADHD looks a lot like this and I, as well as many other licensed professionals, feel that while it is a “diagnoses” is it a known diagnoses if elimination; meaning, it’s not a thing, only a thing when there’s no other diagnosable thing. Personally, every person I’ve ever met with “ADHD” is what I call, “Bright and bored”.. anyway, off my rant.

The bottom line is, that if your consumer, lead, prospect, boss, whomever it is that you need to be engaged, is bored, then you know that they are putting a lot of energy into being:

  • Controlled
  • Slow to Fast
  • Willful

They are losing dopamine like crazzyyy because they don’t feel a lot of hope that things are going to get better; so once they spend all this energy and then realize that it’s a sinking ship, they throw the white flag up and just exist. They are not engaged, they are not interested, and you’ve not only lost them in the now, but you might have lost them forever.

Here’s why.

Imagine you are on a date with your prospect. You’ve bored them. Maybe they have had a few nice dates with you…until now. You are boring them. They start to think that you don’t have what it takes to meet mom anymore. Suddenly, they can survive without. They are looking around, playing with their food and you are like “blah blah blah” oblivious to their body language and feelings and their needs, and they are hoping an emergency call comes through to be saved from your “glow” of meh.

Now, if they are not into you… you won’t have a great chance of wooing them back, because they might know how great you can be but they also have had a taste of the dingy laundry you as well. It’s going to be a hard sell.

This is why it is so important to keep your prospects engaged. I’ll talk more about how to do this on the next blog, because I don’t want your business to suffer from lack of showing your charisma-vibe that you do have – even if you think you have a boring business or that you are not so illuminating – not so! You can be the belle of your own ball. In fact, you better be.

You are not dingy laundry.

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