7 Secrets that the narcissist doesn't want you to know

Insight from within the therapy room.

Are you a woman who

  • Suffers from anxiety?
  • Has you had trauma?
  • Feels that you'll never experience true love?

Let me help you to heal & create a life you love

Can you relate? (take note of words in bold)


My mother was dropped off at an orphanage by her alcoholic father, after her mother passed away.

She was just five years old.

Not only was she mourning her mother's passing, and her father's rejection, now she had to cope with years of neglect abuse.

I remember her telling me that she used to look out of the window, in the cold stone building, just waiting for someone to come, adopt and love her.

That never happened.

In fact, there were times she even had to endure lining up on display to be judged, with other children, and an adoptive family walked up and down the row, to choose a child... her being passed over time and time again.

She developed anxiety, felt hopeless and felt isolated.

She wasn't even allowed to sing. One day, at around seven years old, she hummed a song, and her punishment for joy, was to stand on a chair, and have her hair chopped off as a humiliating lesson for the other children. She wasn't allowed to express emotion, especially happiness, nor be herself, live her truth. (She wasn't allowed to cry or she would have her head shaved)

One day she said to me, "When I was little, maybe as young as eight. I realized if you had love, you had it all"

(Years later, she was released from the orphanage and she met my father - they fell in love, married and had four children and she lived a beautiful life in spite of them trying to break her spirit.

She passed away 20 years ago. Her last words to me were, "All that matters is to love and forgive"

My mother was my best friend, my first and most influential teacher, my first business mentor and the woman who inspired me in every way.

Her legacy, her last words, are my fuel for my work, and life and I want to share this with you, to help you find the love you deserve, and to love who you see in the mirror.

I know you haven't traveled her exact path, but you've had your own, that made you also feel unworthy, worrying, anxious and alone.

I feel we are all interconnected. 

As you begin to

  • alleviate your pain
  • conquer anxiety 
  • practice healing
  • and sense joy

You will experience

  • love & peace
  • empowerment
  • wellness & success. 

You don't have to be alone.

Your spirit is not broken.

You've got me, my 30+ years of experience

and if you wish, a nurturing community.

You are home, loved and worthy of all things good.

Skin, Soul  & Psyche

Creating space for how we interact with the world as a body and how we see ourselves in the mirror (skin), our spiritual selves (soul) and our mind and emotions (psyche). 


About Michele

Michele has over 30 years in health, wellness and media. Some of her career highlights include print and broadcast journalism, as a reporter and public affairs/health news anchor. She is a licensed psychotherapist with a specialties  in anxiety and trauma response reduction, body image, neurophenomenology and neuromarketing.

There is truth under your trauma.

Dr. Michele Paiva

heavily Meditated

Certified by the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Harvard Medical Schools Lifestyle Program, Paiva, also a certified hypnotherapist, delivers a unique brand of mindfulness that is scientifically sound and creatively avant-garde.  

“Zero BS, no fluff, and pure empowerment"

Michele Paiva

I've been analyzing and finding solutions since orange velour furniture and gold wallpaper were considered groovy opulence. 

Years later, I'm still enjoying finding solutions and embracing positive outcomes. Let's start the process for you to tap into your healing, potential and L' art de vivre, the art of living! 

In Their Words


“Michele Paiva is dedicated to the holistic approach in anything she does. Her ideas are ranging and complete. In all of her pursuits, she aims toward health, happiness, and well-being. She is diligent and competent in all she does. Her heart is as engaged as is her mind; and her mind is sharp and creative.” 

Neal Zoren

Entertainment & Cultural Media Personality

Gloria S

Mental Health Professional

Michele has been a literal life-saver.  I had experienced years of abuse  (experiencing chronic homelessness) from my husband. At the time I met Michele, I desperately needed healing and also unresolved guilt and shame from being able to properly grieve and mourn the death of my mother from cancer in 2012 and the death of my 4 year old son in 2013. I was able to separate from in 2018.

Melinda G

/ Social Media Executive

After many years of recovery from disordered eating and body dysmorphia, I found myself back in unhealthy, dangerous thought patterns and habits. Michele provided the tools I needed to not only get back into a healthy mindset and behavior, but to continue helping others who are struggling as well.


Brian Startare
Sports Radio Personality & Author

“Michele Paiva is wonderful in any project she works. She is the consummate professional who deals with her clients with integrity and always seeks to add her personal touch. That’s the best way to do business, with respect, and she excels.”


"With Michele, you can learn to release what no longer serves you, and you can lock-in to your personal and wellness career purpose.
Michele brings an unconventional approach to business which helps you to learn about the concepts and framework for real career and business success. She is conversational and direct, down-to-Earth and approachable."

Jim Urbine
Medical Radiology Engineer,CEO

Ken & Dot H.

Finance and Mindset Coaches

Our lives have been blessed with Michele.

We had questions about our path to help humanity.  She has guided us on our journey. 


Her passion has deeply touched us. She has provided her caring expertise to keep us moving forward with our intention to offer value to others.

“Michele Paiva has been an inspiration, a selfless confidant and extremely professional. She brings life and wisdom to all of those she meets with her enthusiasm and endless energy; there is nothing she can’t conquer. She impresses me with her overall knowledge and spirit; she is a woman who exceeds expectations. She has completely turned my life around, and the lives of so many others. She has given me the drive to live my life with a new approach and direction, has talked to me to show me that all things are possible and all goals are reachable. She exceeds others I’ve known personally and professionally; a true inspiration.” 

Andrea Jones

There is Truth Under Your Trauma~@MichelePaiva

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