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Michele Paiva

Licensed Psychotherapist, Founder

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Former broadcast journalist, assault survivor, transpersonal psychotherapist, psychodermatologist, and founder of Paiva Skincare, I was Inducted by the Dalia Lama in 2013, which inspired a more Zen influence in my practice. I enjoy sharing self-help tips and, interviewing people with unique stories of emotional survival, on my Youtube channel, "PaivaTV, (Ignite Your Awe). I have written over 500 articles and have been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune and more.

I am here to create friction. I find the construct of "being emotionally broken" to be churlish. You are not broken. Your trauma or stress is not your identity, label or definition. My research has been steeped in the creative process, healing and the powers of our psyche and spirit. Art heals. Music is meaningful. Writing is a ritual. Friction, for these purposes, is expressing yourself in a way that might shock yourself yet, feed your soul. You are the truth under your trauma. Ignite Your Awe.

Check out my online member group below - creativity, science and lots of healing.

Also, check my skincare line... it's formulated with the mind-skin connection as a focus, botanically infused and vegan, gluten free and cruelty free. 

"You were my empowerment crush. Sometimes I feel that therapists might not hear how things go exactly as predicted. You said these things would come together and they did. (Work, relationship and health/confidential). I went on to take your life coaching certification and now I am helping others." D. K. 



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Aloe clean face!! 

Heather Fuller 

Such an awesome and smooth cleanser! A little bit goes a long way and my skin feels so smooth and clean!!!!

"Mind-Body Ninja"

Michele Paiva and her incredible work entered my life during a period of much transition, upheaval, and stress both at work and in my personal life. 

It was Michele's warmth, mentoring, blending of neuroscience and holistic practices that guided me through the waves that cruised through my life.

After a miscarriage, a betrayal amidst a breakup, working in crisis mental health, and navigating a new career dynamic, that Michele facilitated a solidification of my sense of being rooted and grounded in the world.


She is a mind-body ninja in the most positive sense of the word! 

Andrea J. California, USA

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