Win free 6-Week Course to Lose Anxiety & Boost Creativity

I’m excited about my launch of MINDphone, the 6 week course for busy but stressed women over 35… why over 35? Because we tend to have less time, more responsibilities and are in different places in life than we were even five or ten years ago.

The reality is, is that most of us have our phones with us all of the time. Unfortunately, between hormones, the past, “life” and relationships – we also might have our anxiety and stress with us all of the time as well.

This can change! We can use our phones to help learn a way of mindfulness, body love, relationship healing and boost our creativity!

The course is 6 weeks, will help you lower anxiety, boost creativity and get to interact on group calls & webinars, every week.

I’m giving away 5 enrollments and EVERYONE who enters will get an email with a 75% off code, to get the $108 course for under $30!

Enter and share with women you feel would love to take this course with you!

No obligation to take the course, and all calls and online meetings are recorded and added into the course – you’ll never miss a thing. You have 365 days of the course material.

Get your phone camera ready- it’s time to boost creativity, lose anxiety and regain your empowerment.