Welcome, Jess Lupacckino!


Recognized by the Yoga Alliance, Jess is a certified trauma coach and certified yoga instructor. Jess has been practicing yoga for over a 10 years. While pregnant in 2012, she received her Therapeutic Power Yoga training and certification, with specializations in Prenatal Ashtanga, Power Ashtanga, and Power Yoga Ashtanga Beginner Specialist from Paiva Psychotherapy Yoga Institute. She studied many years before, throughout the region. Her intention is to help those in need of healing whether it be emotionally or physically. With a firm belief that everyone is capable of practicing yoga, Jess’ mission is to continue to specialize in modification for individual needs.

For Jess, life outside of yoga is all about being a mother and wife to her two favorite boys and spending time with her family and friends. Jess is fond of traveling, food, music, the great outdoors and getting to know people. She strongly believes that finding love for oneself is a necessity. Sharing love and laughter with others are the beauties and greatest gifts of humanity.

Jess specializes in children and youth who are stressed or experiencing difficulty, and women who suffer depression and anxiety. She also donates hours every month, in our office, to Veterans, at no fee.

Jess's fee is just $50 per 45-minute session, through spring!

Fee, payable to Jess directly, before the session. Schedule Below.