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3 Ways to Work with Me:

  1. 1:1 sessions in the office or via distance (HIPAA video/email or telephone)
  2. Local group (including retreats, seminars, speaking)
  3. Distance program for women; an online, interactive enrichment program for adult females. Topics span sexuality & intimacy, trauma & healing, stress management, mindfulness & neuromarketing for women in business.

I have three decades of experience in helping individuals and organizations find solutions. As a recognized trauma specialist, I find the blend of Eastern and Western  strategies help my clients to achieve their goals, while gaining perspectives that help them develop resiliency.

  • Private Psychotherapy & Group Therapy
  • Online, Interactive Sacred Circle program & courses
  • Retreats & Special Events
  • Also available for speaking/corporate training

Creating Professional and Fiscal Health, with Emotional Empowerment

Psychotherapy, Neuromarketing and Neuroeconomics

Clinical trials have demonstrated that psychosocial intervention with clients who have financial or professional stress reduces not only the stress but decreases morbidity and helps clients to achieve a better quality of life.

The body and mind have been proven to be connected; what is happening in your business is often a reflection of your personal struggles, past or present, and what is happening in your personal life meshes in part or whole from, your professional and financial environment.

  • Obesity/Weight Loss
  • ADHD/Learning Disabilities
  • Gifted/Twice Exceptional
  • Public speaking
  • Anxiety/Depression/Panic
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • Rape/Trauma
  • Life Transitions/Relationships
  • Illness/Wellness/Cardiac
  • Self-Harm/Disordered Eating
  • Female Specific Struggles
  • Body Image Challenges
  • Life Transitions/Relationships
  • Illness/Wellness/Cardiac


  • Branding/Positioning
  • Start-up/Relaunch
  • Engagement/Public Relations
  • Public speaking
  • Performance/Passion/Profit
  • Organizational Development
  • Leadership
  • Measurement-based goals
  • Action and Accountability
  • Visibility and Sales
  • Workplace Relationship Conflict Resolution
  • Motivation and Reward Programs
  • Advertising negotiation
  • Branding
  • Business Model Development
  • Channel Marketing


Free Sacred Community

  • Quarterly calls/webinars

  • Quarterly pdf planner

  • Sacred Living eMagazine & Updates

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