In each episode, I deconstruct challenges or struggles in love, wellness, anxiety, spirituality, neuromarketing or neuroeconomics and myself or with a guest, I extract resources or strategies that you can apply to your personal or, professional life.

The podcast has two distinct styles.

  • Solo: Presented as solution-based informed opinion
  • Interview: Offers a second voice, opinion, expert and feature-focused.


  • Listeners enjoy the show because it is to the point, offers “options” and brings an atypical Gestalt landscape.
  • Guests enjoy the humanistic style which brings forth a more raw and open interviews, as well as being in front of over 10 million listeners on iHeart Radio & Syndicated on Stitch/Midroll

Let’s Connect

I am not taking new guests at this time, we are booked until summer

As part of the agreement upon final guest approval, mutually beneficial promotion must honored before and after the event. This includes layered marketing with social networking and email community. Details will be provided upon first response contact.

You will also need to provide a  nominal free gift for listeners that may be timely (does not have to be evergreen). This gift should be digital in nature, immediate and of value, with connection to the interview. For instance, an eBook, free resource page, music download, etc.

In the message below, please make sure to include the URL link to your free gift, and a quick description. Also, please note your approximate mailing list community size and social networking reach, as well as cross promotion ideas that would be mutually beneficial- or affiliate marketing considerations.