The Peace, Love & Bliss Self-Starter Kit is the biggest freebie I've ever created with 14 days of “blissed out” strategies to get your life back to peace and/or love – the only two areas that no matter what you are going through, you might be missing out on.

Getting your life together doesn't have to be a struggle or intense. It will be therapeutic but also inspiring; which means you'll get the science and, the inspiration.

The starter kit includes 14 easy-to-access modules & our Facebook Group~ sign up!

Your Starter Kit Includes:

  • Simple, quick strategies to eliminate stress & anxiety symptoms

  • Effective self-care strategies that you are probably overlooking

  • Discovery-based journal prompts to bring clarity

  • An “aura-tingling” forgiving practice

  • Kitchen pantry must-haves for emotional & physical health

  • Bend & Mend© practices for connection, healing & invigoration

  • 14 Ways to say “NO” to giving-too-much & being taken advantage of

  • Bonus: Loving Bliss Guided Meditation

  • Bonus: Sacred Healing Packet

Embody Bliss Now

Peace, Love & Bliss Starter Kit

14 Days of Integrated Support to Stop Anxiety and Stress Symptoms and Step into Blissful Living.

Starter kit + 14 Days of eSupport

Embody Bliss Now

Let this starter kit be your guide to living immersed in feeling peace, love and bliss.


Because I work with women who often do not see their beauty, who might not realize their bliss, because of trauma, hardship, abuse, stress or anxiety – I wanted to offer you a product that I am affiliated with – the Annmarie skincare line. I'll be mentioning this line in the starter kit, and you can either use your own products or, follow alone with the exact products that I use as well.

These are products that are made with integrity. Did you know that what you put on your skin can seep into your body and alter your mood and biochemistry? I want you to honor yourself from sole to soul, so perhaps check out the sample kit if you'd like to experience this wellness-focused skincare along with me!

You'll see a video that I created for my online conference; please view to better understand the importance and breadth of these products and why I love them.