Mad at your Partner? Rx: Nap Together.

Apparently it's true that we hurt the ones we love the most.

Studies show that partners who do not get enough sleep, will lash out more at their romantic partner,  than anyone else.

We tend to save our reserves for our “outside face”, the mask we give to the public, or our peers and colleagues. We are most ourselves with our long-term relationship partners, and thus, they get the brunt when our reserve well is running dry.

In fact, researchers at the University of California [Berkely] found that with almost 100 couples, almost all stated that they had less interest in their partners or, were experiencing more discord, when they were subjected to two weeks of poor sleep quality.

No other areas of their life seemed as responsive to the emotional perceptions or behaviors.

So, if you or your partner have been tossing and turning, caring for sick children, working later hours or simply not sleeping well for any reason; instead of having an argument or feeling less emotionally intimate, take a nap together.

The nap will help you to restore much needed sleep and boost the oxytocin levels to help you feel more connected, less stressed and more in tune with your partner, and life.