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14-days of strategies and invitation into our private Facebook group if you wish to have immediate connection.

Strategies to get your life back to peace & love. The kit includes meditations, topics that include sexuality and peri-menopause and menopause, strategies to eliminate anxiety symptoms and more.

Let this starter kit be your guide to living immersed in feeling peace, love and bliss.

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Solutions for Women Experiencing Stress or Anxiety

Licensed Psychotherapy~ 30 years experience helping women release stress & anxiety.

Unapologetically breaking-free from less-than-effective cookie cutter therapy strategies- think of me as your emotional activist.

When people are anxious or depressed, I tell them “Get up and move' or “create”..

so expect a Transpersonal/Zen Influenced with Art Integration & Yoga Therapy

  • Relationship and family problems
  • Self-acceptance & Stage of Life Concerns
  • Feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Discovering choices that make life more meaningful
  • Work and school issues
  • Concerns about gender, sexuality and body image
  • Recovery from abuse and trauma
  • Money Management, Women-Owned Business Concerns

Michele Paiva, Licensed Psychotherapist

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FREE 14-day Peace, Love & Bliss Starter Kit to address Anxiety & Stress.
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  • International Society of Ethical Psychiatrists and Psychologists
  • National Certified Financial Literacy Instructor
  • American Marketing Association(speaker)
  • American Psychological Association
  • Thich Nhat Hanh/Plum Village, Online Sangha Leader & Inducted by the Dalai Lama
  • MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Certified
  • American Art Therapy Association
  • The Yoga Alliance Approved School + Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Certified
  • + many specialty certifications 

A sampling of where I've been featured

Psychotherapy for women and transgender individuals of all ages, ethnicities and sexual orientations.


There is no BS here, she tells you what you need to hear and challenges patterns of behavior to achieve a new outcome. All while being warm and funny, which puts you at easy and helps to build a comfort level so progress can be made.

Private Lcoal Client, United States

Michele Paiva and her incredible work entered my life during a period of much transition, upheaval, and stress both at work and in my personal life. The chaos and crisis that should have unfolded did not have the impact that everyone, including myself, expected.

It was Michele's warmth, mentoring, blending of neuro-science and holistic practices that guided me through the waves that cruised through my life. After a miscarriage, a betrayal amidst a breakup, working in crisis mental health, and navigating a new career dynamic, that Michele facilitated a solidification of my sense of being rooted and grounded in the world.

She helped me cultivate and sustain self-care practices, acted as a firm supporter when I felt unhinged, and with elegant skill helped me to move my energy towards staying focused in my mind-body towards a healthy outcome, strengthening healthy coping skills, and be ever more comfortable with uncertainty.

She is a mind-body ninja in the most positive sense of the word!

J. M., Psychologist, California

I have been in different forms of therapy for 20 years. Michele has made the most difference. She uses her vast knowledge and experience to gently steer me toward the changes that I need to make to be truely happy. I thought I could not change and was “broken” for 20 years. Working with her allowed me to clear my life of negativity and start actually living!

Private Distance Client, United States

Kind, Honest and Straight Forward….

Distance Client, Europe

Kind, Honest and Straight Forward….

Distance Client, New Zealand

Paiva Psychotherapy for the Conscious Feminine Psyche & Entrepreneur

Women go through unique transitions, challenges and situations; dialogue is not the only, nor best, way to communicate. I have an array of resources from therapeutic art to my work as a yoga therapist. With 30 years experience, I specialize in females who have experienced trauma, sexual assault, financial or career conflict and betrayal. I also focus on the truth under the trauma, the potential under the alleged pathology and rather than focusing on the struggle, we work toward bliss.

Downingtown Support Groups for Women & Teens|Refuge Circles

The Refuge Circle for Women, in Downingtown, is an ongoing support group that touches on topics such as: Child Abuse Survivors, Betrayal, Recovery from Addiction, Life Transitions and Experience unique to Women (Perimenopause, Menopause, assault, rape), Anxiety/Depression, Grief/Loss, Marital/Partner Conflict , Body Image struggles, Divorce/Seperation , Parenting. Art, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and discussion are some of the vehicles for refuge.

{video}Shame and Guilt in Sexuality

This short video will explain some of the facets surrounding shame and guilt when it comes to sexuality.

Should I leave my cheating husband?

Women ask themselves: "Was I not good enough in bed?" "Should I have been more sexual?" "Am I too old?" "I knew I wasn't attractive enough."

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Need Relief? Peace, Love & Bliss Starter Kit (Free)

The Intersection of Science & Inspiration

Wouldn't it be nice to release the stress and anxiety, and take a mini-emotional vacation?

You might be going through a struggle or dealing with anxiety. Taking your mind off of the “problem” often helps to bring clarity and solution. A start, is this “kit” that I've put together for you. It's 14 days (you can do 1 or all 14 days, whatever resonates with you), to help you lower your stress levels, and bring your inner guidance into the forefront.

The Peace, Love & Bliss Self-Starter Kit is the most “positive” visitor gift that I've ever created with 14 days of “blissed out” strategies to get your life back to peace and/or love – the only two areas that no matter what you are going through, you might be missing out on.

Getting your life together doesn't have to be a struggle or intense. It will be therapeutic but also inspiring; which means you'll get the science and, the inspiration.

The starter kit includes 14 easy-to-access modules & our private Facebook Group~ sign up

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My channel is all about emotional and spiritual health, living well and living in your purpose, which might be career, self-employment or learning to juggle work and “life”.  This channel is all about you.  Your experiences and questions as well.  Think of my channel as just a resource for you to potentially, get more clarity.