Paivä Cosmetics

Be Happy In Your Own Skin

For over three decades, I have dedicated myself to learning what stops women from feeling happy in their own skin, and to help them feel beautiful, confident and empowered.

2017 brings an inaugural year, launching Paivä Cosmetics, combining countless passions, sharing and cultivated by the true beauty of your inner light, inspired by the women that I have worked with.

The last three decades have been a busy time from my early studies in cosmetology and esthetics to new trauma healing strategies being discovered, all of which led to the creation this innovative skincare and makeup line, it's like therapy for your skin.

Along with emotional wellness and beauty, I am also lovingly committed to supporting women across the globe. Carrying the legacy forward from my mother, Catherine Josephine, together with you, we fighting avoidable oppression worldwide, encourage education of girls, to setting up funds for seamstresses and female grain farmers in third world countries. 

Over the past 30+ years, these dreams to help others, have become a daily reality and I am eternally grateful.

Paivä means "Each moment of the day", which connects to my mission;  to help each beautiful person to ignite awe in each moment of their lives; it was kismet!

The line has been developed to inspire healing, with the foundation that I learned in esthetic training in the mid-80's and beyond, with the intention that I bring into the therapy room, ​and the science of cutting edge skincare.

Why the origami bird? It represents our lives being created by us, empowered and free, with peace and harmony.​

Stay tuned for the official launch!​