Client Portal

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Client Portal

This is the client portal area for current clients, who have been approved and have prepaid. 

If you are looking for a consultation call, please email the office to request this directly, at [email protected]


You will see the client journal section; this allows you to write to me (email or journal) with privacy.

It is always a good idea to journal at least daily or three times a week, when in crisis. When not in crisis, as desired.

Appointments are available on a schedule of 12 rolling days, and must be scheduled 48 hours in advance.

Appointments: If you book an appointment and cancel less than 48 hours in advance, you are still held accountable for the appointment. 

In the “I Feel” area, please place your current mood. (calm, overwhelmed, anxious, etc)

In the area that states file, this allows you to upload artwork, a photo, etc.

Private Journal