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The Healthiest & Most Delicious Pancake Ever. Great for weight loss & metabolism.


I'm always on a quest to help my clients, and myself, to be healthier, wealthier and wiser, and this pancake recipe does all three. You be wealthier (sort of) will save money because you'll be preventing diabetes and overweight, gluten issues and general fatigue. You will be wiser- the nourishing breakfast won't slow you down [...]

Free Clinic for Women


Once a month, I offer individual outreach sessions to single mothers and children of single mothers in my community. This is not donation-based nor will any fee be collected.  These are sessions to help with stress and anxiety management and may include therapeutic and coaching resources. These individual outreach sessions are not a replacement [...]

Light the Fire! Sensuality & Intimacy Online Seminar


My years of working with women, men and couples have afforded me the opportunity to know the desires, fears, mistakes and tribulations that women face- especially in the bedroom . There is so much shame, heartbreak and isolation for women who have ached for fireworks, hoped for passion and settled for burned out embers. It does not matter if you are single, coupled, in a new relationship or marriage of decades, there is something for you in this webinar.

Video Art Lesson| Touching emotional self & defining boundaries


Understanding boundaries & touching areas of our lives that we might not be connected to as deeply. Keep it positive! You will need markers, pens or crayons and paper for this exercise project - though anything goes. I'd love to see your completed work!