Sacred Support

Sacred Support is the outreach membership for Paiva Zen Psychotherapy

Are you suffering from existing?


Many people are suffering from existing. Not the kind of existing that means that they need to get more passionate in their lives, but the kind that means that they can't stand living. Can't stand living? Yep. They are in a space where normal becomes pathological. They might have emotional or mental suffering that equates [...]

Entrepreneurs| Grow business by Increasing Value not Offering New Programs


One of the most common myths of a business that "new" people often forget about, is that it doesn't always go uphill; it can level out. By new, I mean if you have been in business for seven years or less, at the same business (entrepreneur hopping does not count, anyone can launch several businesses, [...]

6 Strategies to Survive Facebook| Putting Facebook on the Therapy Couch


Is interacting on Facebook making you anxious? Are you becoming unwell because of the time spent on the Facebook site? Do you feel more depressed after scrolling on Facebook? Are you feeling like people are either being "fake" or, using Facebook as an extension of their immaturity or instability? As a tool for bullying or scapegoating? A narcissistic sounding board? If so, you are not alone.

The Healthiest & Most Delicious Pancake Ever. Great for weight loss & metabolism.


I'm always on a quest to help my clients, and myself, to be healthier, wealthier and wiser, and this pancake recipe does all three. You be wealthier (sort of) will save money because you'll be preventing diabetes and overweight, gluten issues and general fatigue. You will be wiser- the nourishing breakfast won't slow you down [...]