Ambassadors for Paivä Cosmetics are women (and men) who burn the veil of illusion, who stand in their truth, happy in their "own skins". They do not let fear distort their visions, and they listen to their dreams.

They enhance their lives. They do not "fix" anything as they are not "broken".

They are influential role models. (While most Ambassadors are personally chosen, you may apply, scroll)

Are you interested in becoming an ambassador?

Ambassadors are influential women (and men) who represent the philosophy and mission of Paivä Cosmetics. 

If you are interested, please email your name, your social network accounts, and in under 500 words, your "story" of how you align with our mission.



Paivä means "Each moment of the day", which connects to my mission; to help each individual to experience their inner-beauty and to ignite awe in each moment of their lives.

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