3 Ways to Lift Depression with Winter Awareness


Situational depression can be debilitating. It can make us feel numb, lackluster or simply carry ourselves in a way that we “turn” people off of us, as our energy level is lower, so is our mood. Our body language becomes the canvas of which people observe us in time and space.

We might be viewing the skies that seem overcast, feel the coldness slow us down as our body conserves energy to keep us warm, and our natural inclination is to go inward. So many people see this as a negative; but here are three ways to really use this timeframe as a positive.


  1. Get outside. The snow is like a giant zen garden. Play, have fun. You don't have to go with traditional snow-play; you can create a simple zen circle in the snow to represent your wholeness, even when you feel fractured.
  2. Create a haiku based upon the prompt, “How Winter Heals Me”.
  3. Discover your creative side with an art project.

I talk you through some ideas and insights, gleaned through years of working with individuals that have had depression or winter doldrums, or even Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The artwork at the very end, is one I created after I shut the camera off and was able to go inward myself. The trees symbolize the past, present and future. I opted to have a sky that had “Northern Lights” and the snow on the ground is hinting at dusk. The snowflakes are large and fluffy, to remind me of the lightness of struggles I might encounter, being temporary and moveable.

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