3 Tips for Loving a Narcissist

Loving a narcissist is often, not easy. While some experts feel that only a “giver” can be with a “taker”, I have observed instances where both of the individuals within the couple are givers or, are takers; most are both at some time during their relationship.

So what does this mean? How can we love someone who we feel is self-centered, ego-driven and grandiose? What if they are an introvert narcissist, where they focus on being a victim to get attention?

Many times the narcissist has had neglect, abuse or both. What drives the behaviors? Do they feel “not enough”?

Do they feel that they are the villain?

Do they make you feel like you are, when you address their behavior?

Check my video below. I’m going to give you three tips, in about three minutes, on how to not only cope but create a loving relationship with an alleged or diagnosed, narcissist.


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