Paiva Zen Psychotherapy for Females

Psychotherapy + Art + Nature + Wellness 

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5-day (Free) Zen Healing Course~Love, Forgive & Live

Women go through unique transitions, situations and struggles.

~Heal from Betrayal and Heartbreak
~Release Anxiety, Panic & Stress
Art+ Mindfulness +Writing eCourse that is Zen informed and therapeutically grounded.

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Use your Cell Phone Camera to Lose Anxiety & Unleash Creativity

Enjoyable, Creative Class that Helps you to Release Anxiety & Learn Mindfulness/Meditation

6 Week Online Program begins April 8th

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Stop the Meditation & Mindfulness Madness. Really.

Happiness is a marketed, popular emotion these days, and while we are more and more focused on "happy" our depression and anxiety levels are going up

A few quick stats; you are not alone.

These numbers represent the past couple of years in a snapshot; I wanted you to see that you are not alone in your stress and challenges. 

Clients with anxiety & body image struggles 87%
Clients who expressed relationship struggles or conflict 94%
Clients who felt work/money struggles hindered quality of life. 100%
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5-day (Free) Radical, Sacred & Zen eCourse

You Deserve to Forgive, Love & Live More Deeply

A Resource to Heal Trauma, Broken Hearts & Anxiety

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