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How it works

If whatever is holding you back is stopping you from living your life fully, book a complimentary consultation.

You can find the contact form at the bottom of this page, by scrolling. You may also email me at [email protected] your complimentary call.

The free consultation is our time to decipher if working together one on one is appropriate. This time allows me to more fully understand your situation and help you to devise an immediate strategy to help you in the interim.

  • Therapy & Coaching sessions are tailored bespoke to your unique situation, background, needs and goals. Most sessions are 45 minutes, and might be in person or via Skype or telephone.
  • If you have opted to work with me via the distance group, you will be surveyed anonymously so that your questions, concerns and situations will be addressed with discreet confidentiality, through group calls and lesson plans.

As you can see, both options offer very focused guidance and many of my private clients also, participate in the group programs.

  • For one on one clients, you attend your first session at a time convenient to you. You rebook a next session if you feel you need one. Sessions can also be done via phone (or Skype).
  • For Sacred & Zen group clients, you will have further flexibility to participate in on-demand programs, calls, replay calls, etc. You can also always reach out via email or the forum.

I provide you with FREE audio & videos, as appropriate, and other resources to help you achieve effective progress in between sessions and beyond. 

The goals of one on one therapy are to be fully happy, content and functional and exit therapy, gently.

The goals of the online program are to continue to have a support system for continued enrichment.

I offer a sanctuary where you come to express your feelings, overcome your challenges, and discover your authentic self.

Offering Trauma-Focused Psychotherapy for Women & Solutions for Ethical Organizations

Psychotherapy for Women, Girls and Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming People

  • Transitions, Depression, Anxiety, Panic
  • Pregnancy, Postpartum, Miscarriage, Traumatic Delivery, Infertility
  • Eating Issues, Body Image, Weight Loss, Medical Compliance
  • Difficulties during Adolescence and Preteen Years
  • Relationship conflict, Professional struggles
  • Rape, Incest, Trauma, Chronic Stress & Crisis

Neuromarketing and Neuroeconomics for small businesses & ethical organizations

  • Branding/Positioning
  • Start-up/Relaunch
  • Engagement/Public Relations Public speaking
  • Performance/Passion/Profit
  • Organizational Development, Leadership
  • Measurement-based goals
  • Action and Accountability
  • Visibility and Sales
  • Workplace Relationship Conflict Resolution
  • Motivation and Reward Programs
  • Advertising negotiation
  • Branding, Business Model Development
  • Channel Marketing
  • SEO, Copywriting & List Building
  • Private & Group Psychotherapy Sessions  * Therapeutic Zen Art & Yoga Therapy (indoor & outdoor) * Outdoor “Schlep with a Shrink”© walk & talk program for individuals and groups.
  • The Sacred Circle: The Sacred Circle is an online, interactive membership area for weekly courses, calls & doses of Zen. Free resources include: the Sacred Living magazine and companion, Sacred Living podcast.

How do you process & how calm are you?

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A sampling of media that I have been featured in:

A few quick stats; you are not alone.

These numbers represent the past couple of years in a snapshot; I wanted you to see that you are not alone in your stress and challenges. 

Females with anxiety (ages 6 through 59) 87%
Females who expressed poor body image & had health concerns 94%
Females preteen through adult, who felt that ADHD, Trauma or Stress hindered relationships & mental performance 100%

TESTIMONIAL:Michele Paiva and her incredible work entered my life during a period of much transition, upheaval, and stress both at work and in my personal life. The chaos and crisis that should have unfolded did not have the impact that everyone, including myself, expected. It was Michele’s warmth, mentoring, blending of neuro-science and holistic practices that guided me through the waves that cruised through my life.

After a miscarriage, a betrayal amidst a breakup, working in crisis mental health, and navigating a new career dynamic, that Michele facilitated a solidification of my sense of being rooted and grounded in the world. She helped me cultivate and sustain self-care practices, acted as a firm supporter when I felt unhinged, and with elegant skill helped me to move my energy towards staying focused in my mind-body towards a healthy outcome, strengthening healthy coping skills, and be ever more comfortable with uncertainty.

She is a mind-body ninja in the most positive sense of the word!

Ms. J. M.

(San Francisco, CA, USA)

My Specialities:

  • Anxiety & Panic
  • Body Image & Esteem Struggles
  • Eating Disorder/Weight Loss
  • Sexual Trauma & Dysfunction

I have specialized in working with anxiety, sexual trauma, eating disorders and body image issues for almost three decades along with being a researcher in the field of women’s wellness, recovery and trauma.

My research interest is on transpersonal neurophoneomenology, self-compassion and healing from trauma.

Throughout the years, I have developed a unique style of working with these “dis-orders,” (lack of balance rather than a label) that includes a combination of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, embodiment techniques, and self-compassion practices.

A Little More About Healing

East meets West & Traditional meets Unconventional and Creative:

Art, Hypnotherapy, Zen practices,

Yoga Therapy, Wellness, Bio/Neurofeedback,

are just some of the tools to help you to gently work through whatever is holding you back.

Events & Blog

The Lotus Orgasm eSeminar

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I'm very excited because women's sexuality is often taboo, and I feel that it is important to lift the shame and help women to experience orgasm.

10 Reasons to Avoid Aggressive Workouts, After Age 40

January 18th, 2017|1 Comment

I see far too many people in their 30, 40's and 50's, partaking in workouts that are just repackaged from their earlier teens and 20's and wondering why it isn't giving them the same results. Here are ten reasons why you ...

The Healthiest & Most Delicious Pancake Ever. Great for weight loss & metabolism.

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  • Member: ISEPP (International Society of Ethical Psychiatrists and Psychologist)
  • APA (American Psychological Association) 
  • Thich Nhat Hanh/Plum Village, Online Sangha Leader
  • AATA (American Art Therapy Association)
  • Yoga Alliance Approved Training & Certifying Entity for Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • RYT-E500 , Highest Level [Trauma-Informed Speciality] w/Yoga Alliance

“With Michele, you can learn to release what no longer serves you, and you can lock-in to your personal and wellness career purpose. Michele brings an unconventional approach to business which helps you to learn about the concepts and framework for real career and business success. She is conversational and direct, down-to-Earth and approachable.”

Jim Urbine

Medical Radiology Engineer, Director/CEO

“Michele Paiva is wonderful in any project she works. She is the consummate professional who deals with her clients with integrity and always seeks to add her personal touch. That’s the best way to do business, with respect, and she excels.”

Brian Startare

Sports Radio Personality and Sports Author

“Michele Paiva is dedicated to the holistic approach in anything she does. Her ideas are ranging and complete. In all of her pursuits, she aims toward health, happiness, and well-being. She is diligent and competent in all she does. Her heart is as engaged as is her mind; and her mind is sharp and creative.”

Neal Zoren

Entertainment and Cultural Media Personality